Making History

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The fluid communication maintained between our Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba and the productive sectors made clear the necessity to train human resources that the companies needs.


· 1986: The Foreign Trade Chamber of Córdoba creates the International Business Research and Training Center. This institution, pioneer in the province, develops a curricula which aims at the improvement of knowledge and the possibilities of foreign trade in the region.

· 1992: The Higher Institute of Foreign Trade is created, along with the higher education course of Foreign Trade Technician.

· 1995: First graduates who are awarded the certificate of Foreign Trade Technicians. A new higher education course begins to be implemented for which the International Trade Technician certificate is awarded.

· 1995-Today: A complete program of seminars, courses, and conferences is put into effect and a range of agreements are celebrated for the development of internships in companies and in-company courses.

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