Services and Equipment

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Services and Equipment

Our main aim is to provide more efficiency, quickness and fewer expenses in the logistics process implied in the international commerce, through personalized assistance with a tailored service for imports and exports operations, and goods delivery and storing.


Due to this, the warehouse works from Monday to Friday without Customs extraordinary service cost, both for exports and imports. It is necessary to highlight that Saturday, Sunday and holidays can be enabled, providing the possibility to operate 365 days a year.
In our warehouse you will find:

· Primary Customs Zone.

· Secondary Customs Zone.

· A wide parking for trucks and maneuvering Area.

· Warehouse for Goods Storing.

· Qualified, specialized personnel.

· Customs office with working positions for Customs agents, operators and truck drivers

· Customs Storage and permanent Customs UTV.

· Nine terminals connected to Maria’s System (SIM)

· 24 hour permanent guard all the year round with monitoring service.

Rosario de Santa Fe 231, Piso 4º - Of. 9
CPA: X5000ACE - Córdoba - Argentina

+54 - 0351 - 4214804 / 4212715
Fax. +54 - 0351 - 4243869